DreamVeloper is a team of eternal dreamers who wants to make their dreams comes true : Making great video games. Currently developing 2 games : Always the Same Nightmare and Democratia.


Always The Same Nightmare

Always The Same Nightmare is a 2D platform in which the player controls a character named 42 who is trying to escape from the dungeon in which he is being taken prisoner. Armed with his rifle and a will of fire, he decides to escape and understand what happens to him, for that he will have to face terrible dangers.


Relive the Second World War or rewrite it, the choice is yours. You will be the nation of your choice from 1933 onwards, shortly before the greatest conflict in human history: the Second World War. Prepare your country, arm it and forge your army for war! Your choices will shape a new story for each part.....

Tap'n Tack

Push your reflexes and exceed your limits in this mobile reflex game. The principle is simple, you must burst the corresponding bubbles within a limited time, if the bubble is not there you can update the displayed bubbles! A bad hit, a fake refresh and it's Game Over!
Available on Play Store!

The Team


Game Designer and Community manager of Dreamveloper Studio

"On my card, I'm a CEO. In my head, I'm a game developer. But in my heart, I'm a gamer." ~Satoru Iwata.
.Nintendo fan and passionate about pop culture!


Developer and Sound Designer of Dreamveloper Studio

"Run on the most powerful engine: Passion!"
Retro-gaming fan and crazy about lines of code!


Developer and Game Designer of Dreamveloper Studio

"Coding different"
Programmer in the blood and gamer in the soul

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